Preparation of peer-reviewed articles

The writing of scientific articles or medical writing is the main activity of IPASS, actively working with leading researchers and/or research groups worldwide in the field of Health Sciences. IPASS professionals do not offer a mere transcription of results but also provide scientific content and interpretation of the results, offering another point of view to the researcher. This is the differential value of our medical writing.
IPASS has participated in the preparation and publication of more than one hundred scientific papers of different types, contributing to prestigious peer-reviewed journals such as British Medical Journal, Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, Ophthalmology and Optometry and Vision Science. Moreover, our professionals not only provide scientific content, grammatical structure and literature, but also adapt the format of the article to the editorial requirements of the journal to which the researcher want to submit that article.
IPASS offers medical writing services customized to the objectives of any investigation, researcher preferences and editorial requirement.

Preparation of peer-reviewed articles Preparation of peer-reviewed articles Preparation of peer-reviewed articles