Who we are?

Research is crucial for the development of new therapies and diagnostic technologies, providing the progressive and continuous drive that is necessary in Health Sciences. Indeed, research allows the incorporation of new therapies for the treatment and rehabilitation of diseases and dysfunctions. Likewise, research leads to the incorporation of new technologies to the clinical setting, facilitating and complementing the clinical daily practice, and allowing more accurate diagnoses and, consequently, a more optimized selection of the therapeutic option to prescribe in each case.

However, there are some factors limiting the development of the research activity. Among them, these are the main factors:

  • No time in the clinical practice for developing and conducting research protocols.
  • The need for a external control of the research in order to avoid the potential bias of the clinical researcher, especially in clinical essays.
  • The long and tiresome bureaucratic processing for proposing a research project in Health Sciences.
  • The difficulty and time required for performing a comprehensive review of the enormous quantity of scientific peer-reviewed literature on any specialty of Health Science that would be necessary for assessing the innovation of a specific research project.
  • The great number of requisites and conditions required for publishing the outcomes of a research project in peer-reviewed scientific journals that leads the clinician to give up the submission of scientific manuscripts because too much time is required.
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Science adapted to society.

Custom Health Research Service (Investigación Personalizada al Servicio de la Salud, IPASS) S.L. is an enterprise of scientific services that arises in 2011 from the inquisitiveness of a group of professionals of different fields, with extensive experience in Health research, technological transfer, business-university knowledge, and business management.

The mission of IPASS is to provide customers with access to expert advice and scientific research of excellence, helping to establish protocols in accordance with the scientific community. This allows the researcher to achieve results of high scientific value and contribute to the strengthening of the culture of medical and health research of quality. Likewise, IPASS also provides advice on the implementation of innovation in research, with a dynamic use of the knowledge management, and allowing reaching by the customers a differentiating element due to the high degree of innovation of projects conducted and submitted for evaluation.

The promoters of the project are Dr. David Pablo Piñero Llorens and D. Cristóbal Navarro Saez, both with extensive experience, industry knowledge and wide prestige in the field of health research and business management.